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Spring Time = Jean Time

Spring is the perfect time to jump into some jean! The texture and heaviness are ideal for the weather shifts that come with the season. Plus, it’s a super cute and versatile fabric.

We’ve been able to transform this fabric from the basic form of pants we all know and love to some incredibly cute ensembles that will leave your little girl feeling confident & comfortable and looking darling.

Check out our Top 10 Jean Creations- all available on our website under the “Jean” category:

Geometric Jeanie Skirt

This skirt brings a pop of color to your little love’s wardrobe like no other! Our Geometric Jeanie Skirt features a stretch jean & double flair skirt to maximize your little love’s comfort in bright oranges & blues that will be the showstopper in any outfit.

This style is currently available in a 5-6 with a waist of 22”/23” and a length of 13”. Secure this style for your little girl here!

Jean & Tulle

This next design is a denim dream come true! With flowy tulle & supportive jean, this denim floral flocked blue with cornflower blue bodice short-sleeved dress is the sweetest little spring addition to your baby girl’s wardrobe.

Snag this style, which is currently available in a Size 1, before it blows away with the wind.

Red Velvet

This design takes denim to a new, bolder level ❤️

This embroidered white vest has been fitted with a denim red collar. Plus, we’ve twisted jean fabric around into a rose to help transform this white fabric into a standout vest.

Give your little girl a pop of color she’s sure to love by ordering it in a Size 6-7 here! Not the size you need? No worries! Email us at with any custom sizing requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Blue Chrysanthemum

Paisley is the perfect pattern for Spring. Combined with the feel of denim + this weather, we’ve got a go-to vest your little girl won’t want to leave home without!

With a crushed velvet top back, gathered lace at the back, waist, and neck, and white frogs along the front to keep the garment closed, this vest provides the ultimate level of comfort all while leaving your little girl feeling stylish.

This garment can be shipped straight to your door in a Size 5-6 and custom sizing requests can be sent to

Little Bo Peep

This jean vest is perfect for any little girl who loves shapes and patterns!

The Little Bo Peep garment features a denim GEO embroidered cotton wash vest adorned with a denim white collar, denim white waistband, and large white ruffle trims on the back.

This style is currently available in a Size 4 on our website. Upgrade your little girl’s wardrobe with a new vest today!

Hearts & Plaid

Hearts & Plaid- an unlikely pairing that looks absolutely adorable on our next jean garment!

This set includes a denim-hooded vest, which features lace with ribbon and plaid within the hood, with matching pants. All you need to do is pick a shirt and your little love is ready to start the day with style!