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The Little Madam in African Inspired Prints: Shop Olivia Inspirations

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The African print is versatile and can be used for beautiful fashion pieces for your little girl. African print dresses have a lovely draping effect on their own or paired with other fabrics.

The African print is full of color, texture, and movement. It's the perfect fabric to create a unique outfit that will stand out from the crowd!

We believe that children deserve unique clothing that they can wear every day. We work with a team of professionals who specialize in fitting children from three to seven years old.

What about connecting to your African roots and culture? I created this collection of prints inspired by brilliant colors and rich African history. Each piece has an authentic feel to it.

This collection includes:

Confidence Carmel

This handmade sleeveless dress has a Gold Sequin Lined Bodice, a V-Neckline, and an African Print Skirt. This dress would make a great party dress for any occasion. This dress would also make an amazing flower girl dress in an African-themed wedding.

The gold sequin bodice contrasted with the cotton of the African print fabric skirt gives this piece some unique personality and fun texture.

Fluffy Fantasy

This African Print Dress can be knee-length or longer depending on your preference and the height of your girl. It has long sleeves and a Faux Fur Lined Vest, giving out elegant vibes.

This piece comes in two, the dress and the vest. The dress is hand-washable and ironed, while the Faux Fur vest is dry clean only.

Gorgeous Gold Dot

We love this dress from our collection! It has a sleeveless Gold Shiny Lined Bodice, with a dotted pattern, contrasted beautifully with a cotton African Print skirt and tie. The skirt is box pleated to add interesting detail to the dress.

This dress which comes in a size 3 would work well for a birthday party or special event.

Sparkle Spectacular

This dress has an amazing drapey effect and looks so pretty with the ruffles at the bottom, broken by a detailed White Sequin Lined Bodice, and White Sequin Bolero. The African Print fabric of the skirt is 100% cotton, and the white bodice is sleeveless. The Bolero is a separate functional piece, to keep your baby warm.

The available size is for a 12-month-old, according to our size chart.

Good Evening Glitter

This beautiful dress has a Black Shiny Stretch Lined Bodice with ruffle sleeves and a black shiny shapeable Ribbon at the waist. The skirt as usual is an African print with gathers at the waistline. The glitters on the bodice and belt add a party feels to the dress.

This fashion masterpiece is available for an infant around 18-24 months, according to our size chart.

Proudly Poofey

This dress has a Navy Blue Sequin Lined Bodice with slightly puffed Sleeves. The skirt is made up of a Cotton African Print Circled Lined Skirt with Petticoat. The skirt is gathered at the waistline and tied into a bow.

This dress is available in a medium size 7, according to our sizing chart.

Jubilant Jean

This dress has Jean Bodice with African Print, Puff Sleeves, and an African Print Skirt. The Wide Skirt with a puffy Petticoat with a cummerbund at the waist gives the dress some princessy vibe. If you want to dress your black girls in our African collection, while maintaining the puffy dress look, then this piece is for you.

This dress, available in a size 4, would look great for a birthday party or a special event.

Terrific Turquois

This Spoonflower Fabric - Blue Flowers Floral Africa Inspired Boho style dress has a Multi-Color and Navy Blue Bodice, with a 4-layer ruffle skirt. This Puff Sleeved dress is available in a size 3.

Movin' On Up

This infant-size Ankara dress comes with a headband and a black bloomer. The shirt dress has back snaps with decorative buttons, making it easy to put on an infant. It comes in a large infant size. The dress has black short sleeves with a black band on the hem, which gives the shirt features of a beautiful dress.

It is made of African Stretch Fabric which is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

Apart from these few featured designs, we have more variety from our African Artist collective. The African print skirts are all unique and different from each other. They can be used for any occasion. You can also use them for everyday wear. In addition to being fun and colorful, African prints are also very affordable.

How much are our Olivia Inspirations products?

Our prices range from $30 to $70, and we have a quick turnaround time of between 1-3 business days of fulfilling your order.

We hope you enjoy our collection of Boho Western Natural Africa-inspired dresses. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about our products.

If you have any questions about ordering please contact us via email:

Thank you for visiting our website.


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